Practice Areas

Our preferred areas of practice are broad. Many mandates are brought forward to us from abroad and have a close link to foreign countries or the international community in Turkey.

International Law

We offer consultancy services to natural and legal entities on international level, represent our local and foreign clients and offer service to them regarding resolution of disputes over international trade. We help our foreign clients who make transaction in our country by initiating relevant processes and continuing them smoothly in accordance with the legislation. Ensuring execution and enforcement of adjudication in foreign countries, our law office also represents its clients in the eye of international courts such as European Court of Human Rights and International Criminal Court.

Family Law

Engagement, divorce, property regimes before and must marry the liquidation of the subject, and after both marry next to all kinds of consulting services, execution of the divorce proceedings, the case on the advice of property regime, recognition of the decisions they have made foreign courts and proceedings relating to enforcement, custody cases, recognition and legitimation of on other matters concerning family law cases.

Administrative and Tax Law

We offer a wide range of services such as necessary administrative appeals and management of lawsuit process in the field of Administrative Law, which sets rules regarding operation and organization of administration, forms a basis of effective public services, regulating natural and legal entities’ relations with administration and has inarguable impact on communal living. In addition, we carry out a wide range of activities in the field of Tax Law including tax structuring especially regarding to investment and transactions, corporation income tax, value-added tax, stamp duty, banking and insurance transaction tax and transfer pricing.

Commercial Law

We provide services in particular in the preparation of the distribution agreements as regards to the national and European Union law, of exclusive or optional distribution agreements, franchise agreements; contracts concerning the sales manager, the brokers and sales representative; contracts governing the relations with suppliers and distributors, framework agreements, contracts of purchase and sale and supply contracts; consultancy contracts, contract for services, contracts of national and international carriage, contract of production.

IT Law

We provide full service to its clients to protect their intellectual property rights. Besides providing litigation services for intellectual property disputes,We assists its clients in registration processes before the Turkish Patent Institute for rightful protection of their trademarks, patents and industrial designs.Also provides advice in connection with the protection of trade secrets, data protection legislation and drafts and advises on agreements related with cinema, television and musical arts license agreements, technology and know-how transfer agreements, IT crimes that are recently introduced into Turkish Penal , Code (such using and transferring the information in the systems without authorization, modify the systems for personal benefits, fraudulent act, counterfeiting crimes committed via information technologies).

Criminal Law & Law of Criminal Procedure

We provide any types of attorneyship and consultancy services to its clients regarding issues of criminal law starting from the investigation stage. The basic legal services within this scope are as follows: *Defense of (any) complainant and / or defendant rights in Pre-trial, Final Investigation and Trial stages *Resolution of legal disputes within the framework of Turkish Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code and all other relevant laws and regulations *All types of advocacy and legal consultancy services wit regards to the Legislation on Tenders and Taxes

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